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Versatile has long been celebrated as a premier brass function band, enchanting audiences locally and abroad with their captivating performances at a myriad of events. From weddings and corporate functions to prestigious gatherings such as the first-ever Indian Wedding at Studio One in Disneyland Paris, the band has left an indelible mark on the musical landscape.

In an exciting development, Versatile is undergoing a transformative rebranding initiative that extends beyond their established reputation as a brass band. Embracing a broader vision, Versatile is expanding into the realms of concert production, and event management. This strategic evolution reflects their commitment to musical excellence and innovation.

GMA Concepts provides consultancy, specialising in a comprehensive array of services that encompass Public Relations, Marketing Plans, Brand Strategy, and Event Management. With a commitment to excellence, GMA Concepts has emerged as a trusted partner for clients seeking strategic solutions to elevate their business.

GMA Concepts have successfully project managed numerous events, such as the five Valletta 2018 Capital of Culture Conferences for the ECoC. Through a blend of creativity, strategic insight, and meticulous planning, GMA Concepts continues to shape compelling narratives and drive success for their clients in the ever-evolving realm of event planning , communication, and marketing.

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Artistic Consultants
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