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Genios Flamenco

Discover the innovative fusion of classical music and flamenco with Genios. This extraordinary performance features the captivating dance of Curro de Candela and the virtuosic violin of Jesús Reina. An artistic encounter that bridges genres and cultures.

Great geniuses of the history of classical music and flamenco meet in a show full of virtuosity and novelty. A new vision of two genres presented through international artists such as the dancer and artistic director Curro de Candela and the violinist Jesús Reina.

Violin and dance find a common language to give birth to a different artistic vision.

The music of composers including Vivaldi, Paganini, Bach, Sarasate, and Albéniz, and the sounds of ‘palos’ as martinete, soleá, siguiriya, and bulerías share the stage with intriguing and innovative choreographies.

This concert promises a seamless fusion of flamenco and classical music with musical and rhythmic harmony suitable for the most demanding audiences.

This event will be set at the Grand Ballroom of the Phoenicia Hotel in Floriana. The Grand Ballroom has timeless elegance with luxurious decor, providing a majestic setting.

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