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Paul Borg

Paul Borg

Managing and Artistic Director

Paul Borg is our Managing and Artistic Director, stands as a distinguished musician and educator. Boasting five Fellowships in most of the brass instruments, he is acknowledged by the London College of Music as a leading brass expert. His teaching prowess has borne fruit, as his students have gone on to join prestigious international orchestras. In the realm of performance, Paul has graced renowned venues, including a solo appearance at the esteemed Commonwealth Concert in London.

Having studied under notable professors in theory, harmony, counterpoint, fugue, and orchestration, his expertise has also been recognized through invitations to master classes by legendary Tuba player Roger Bobo.

In the spotlight of his performance career, Paul has performed at the White Hall in London with solo performances and represented Malta at Expo 2000 in Hannover, Germany. The Versatile Brass Ensemble, under his leadership, garnered recommendations for shows and gigs across European countries.Beyond his musical endeavours, Paul Borg has showcased his versatility as a composer and arranger, …